GPS Fleet Tracking And Management: Improve Safety, Efficiency, Productivity, And Savings - All at Once!

Meet the ultimate fleet management solutions for your business

GPS Fleet Tracking and Management: Improve Safety, Efficiency, Productivity, and Savings - All at Once!

Meet the ultimate fleet management solutions for your business

END to END Fleet Management Solutions

For fleets of all sizes and all industries

GPS Fleet Tracking

Get unmatched Visibility and protect your employees and assets. Be safer on the roads!

Dual facing Dashcams

Prevent Negligence and Distracted Driving. Exonerate your drivers.

Asset Trackers

Battery and Rechargeable Asset Trackers for all your equipment.

Electronic Work Diary

Stay Compliant, Reduce Paperwork, and Save Cost

Temperature Monitoring

Track accurate Trailer Temperature throughout the Journey

Field Service Management

Jobs, Scheduling, Dispatching, Plan and Optimize your routes

Our Biggest Fleet GPS Benefits!

Pays for itself and, Substantial savings over time.

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Improved Safety

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Increased Productivity

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Reduction Costs

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Enhanced Efficiency

Trusted By Small And Large Fleets Nationwide

Meet Australia’s Favourite and Accurate Fleet Management Software Solutions

A unified platform that promotes safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Plug and Play

No complicated installations, start seeing results from week one

Award-winning Support and Onboarding

With you every mile of the road and every obstacle

Transform Your Fleet And Business. Effortlessly!

Improve Safety and Productivity

Discover how improving fleet safety can increase your productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Provide an Awesome Customer Experience

From timely ETAs, Location sharing, two-way communications, and more to Maximize customer satisfaction

Operate at peak efficiency and savings

Streamline your operations and cut costs through route optimization and maintenance

Connect, Collaborate, and Automate

Connect all your back-end apps and Automate manual, time-consuming tasks.

97% of Fleet Managers Recommend Us

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Connected Fleets

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tracked vehicles

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Trips Annually

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Ready to stay ahead of your competition?

Thousands of Fleets trust Telematica For
Safety and Efficiency

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