Utilizing Telematics to Monitor and Improve Driver Performance

With increasing amounts of traffic and over-speeding issues on the roads of Australia, driver performance tends to significantly deteriorate in various levels. Most drivers easily get distracted and pay less attention to motor driving owing to various external reasons applicable on the roads. In order to avoid entering into life-threatening events such as fatal accidents, it is important to ensure maximal safety and precautions while driving. GPS fleet tracking essentially helps monitor driver performance from a distant location and helps in gaining awareness about their current driving positions as well as potential events of a crackdown or collision with another vehicle owing to distraction on the driver’s end. 

By understanding the correct utilization method of telematics, users can initiate the opportunity to influence driver behaviour on significant and noticeable levels. By offering detailed information about driver behaviour and the current condition of the vehicle they are driving/riding, the potentialities associated with accidents, damage of the vehicle and events of unanticipated injuries and death can be eliminated significantly. 

What is GPS Fleet Tracking and how does it help monitor driving activities?

Telematics offers a deep possibility of initiating a step towards safe driving and vigilance on the road, owing to the huge responsibility on the part of the driver. By employing a strategy of tracking the behaviour of the driver on the road from a remote location, distance does not seem like a barrier to overcoming motor-related accidents on the road due to negligence. 

A GPS fleet tracker device operates in a manner that helps ascertain the real-time location of a driver who is responsible for reaching a designated location by commuting on a particular vehicle that is either owned by a business organization or the driver happens to be a personal acquaintance. 

It becomes easy to determine the accurate location of the driver at a specific point of time and helps reduce the possibility of reducing risky driving activities by being able to trace their driving speed, and location landscape as well as facility to contact them to warn them about a potential mishap. 

Benefits of Using GPS Fleet Tracking to Track Driving Activities

There are innumerable benefits of utilizing telematic services including GPS tracking devices for driving. These benefits are truly representative of the true essence of these devices and their necessity in present times. Let us analyse each of them carefully. 

  • The foremost advantage associated with telematics is that of influencing the activities of the driver and reducing fatal possibilities of risky driving leading to unfortunate accidents.
  • By being able to witness the driving activities constantly on your respective devices, you can easily improve driver performance without being physically present in the scenario. Such a tracking experience might feel unreal initially, but it can essentially unfold into a blessing of a lifetime by helping preserve the life of the driver as well as inhibiting potential damage to the vehicle. 
  • By taking full responsibility for monitoring the driving activities of your assigned driver, you can tutor them to drive safely and ensure complete vigilance on the road by minimizing distractions and errors of judgement. 
  • You can easily avoid bearing massive repair and replacement costs for heavy-duty vehicles including trucks and tractors by preserving them for a longer period of time, and by training your driver appropriately. 
  • By preserving the condition of vehicles, you can easily receive good revenues upon selling them in good condition to potential buyers. 
  • Most drivers engage in notorious habits of consuming fuel excessively due to over-speeding and excessive usage of air conditioners. By monitoring their behaviour appropriately, fuel can be preserved for a longer time and regular fuel expenses can be reduced drastically. 
  • Drivers can easily take responsibility for the vehicle as well as the passenger upon being consciously aware of the fact that they are being tracked and monitored by an external authority and avoid being playful on the roads. 
  • Such devices are helpful in determining the overall competence of a driver and how adaptive they are to changed terrains, temperatures as well as weather conditions and how easily they can switch driving methods for different vehicles.

Significant Vehicle Specific Information Derived from GPS Fleet Tracking

It is important to observe that these GPS trackers are not simply designed to improve driver performance. These trackers can easily provide valuable insights about the vehicle’s condition apart from tracing the activity of the driver. 

  • Whenever the vehicle is observed to increase its speed from the desirable speed limit, a notification alert pops up on your screen regarding the same and a detailed report regarding the speeding information including the timestamp and the date is auto-generated simultaneously. 
  • Engine-specific information such as engine light conditions as well as other internal maintenance aspects are provided in the tracker. 
  • Information and data related to fuel and fuel card integration can be easily obtained from the device. 
  • Notorious driving activities such as rash driving, expression of road rage, sudden braking and acceleration can be curbed upon regular monitoring activities 
  • Battery-related alerts are sent as urgent notifications on your devices, to potentially avoid battery drainage and shortages. 
  • Under the circumstances of accidents, data is collected accurately and is made available immediately for reconstruction and forensic analysis. 
  • Whenever the GPS detects unduly terrains or road blockages, it also offers optimized alternative routes to save time and fuel during commutes. 
  • The tracker is connected to rear and front-end cameras that offer wide views of the entire vehicle from all directions. 


Road accidents and cases of vehicle wear and tear have become commonly discussed topics these days. In order to avoid encountering troubles related to aggressive driving, fuel drainage, engine damage as well as incurring massive vehicle replacement costs, it is important to improve driver performance by utilizing telematics that include GPS fleet tracking devices. These trackers are no less than a blessing to curb road accidents, vehicle damage as well as loss of money owing to the repair of vehicles and medical treatments for injuries.


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